Our global investment team prides itself in finding the right mix of investment opportunities uniquely adapted to each client by their personal portfolio manager. Our independence as a business gives us the flexibility to create and innovate accordingly. Simply put: Forvest is here to understand your particular investment needs, and with you, work to achieve your unique investment goals.

Forvest Investment Philosophy

Understanding your wealth … the principle behind all we do

We manage your investment portfolio to match your unique investment goals.

Knowing where you want to be, and when, makes getting there easier
Risk is not having what you expect when you need it

Assessing risk is more important than chasing return.

Preservation of real wealth is our primary investment objective.

Avoiding group-think limits systemic risk, helps uncover hidden gems. Our Global Investment Committee – a networked team of portfolio managers.

Focused blend of top-down macro analysis with in-depth security selection

Forvest Investment Process

Understanding securities and markets … our day-to-day portfolio management job

Start with the macro – know the world
Assess the broad asset classes and how they interact
Analyze sector trends and the securities they impact
Assess each security's risk, and how it fits with your needs
We construct your personalized portfolio